Learn how to play the ukulele without overwhelm in a calm & relaxed setting

From a music teacher & performing artist with a masters degree

ukulele teacher

WHAT is ukulele wine time?

Ukulele Wine Time videos and tutorials are especially for beginners to learn the ukulele
in a super fun + low pressure setting. (Wine is always optional!)

I take you step-by-step through songs and practice exercises, always offering the option
to level up your strumming and musicality when you're ready.

And I always include essential details about the song like:

counting- so you always know where you are in the song

key signatures- so the chords make more sense!

vocal starting pitch- so you can find your note if you're singing

strumming pattern options- so you can start simple and level up when you're ready

ukulele wine time offers:

  • Free song tutorials, play alongs & practice exercises on YouTube

  • Tons of free ukulele resources & printouts for beginners

  • Ukulele Wine Club- A monthly meetup + PDF chart library + supportive community

  • Essential (and fun) music theory for ukulele players from a music theory nerd!

  • Tips for ukulele players that want to sing - from a vocalist!

  • In-person Sip & Strum meetups in my local community

  • Group in-person beginner classes available

song tutorials

Explore a variety of free song tutorials over on YouTube. I take you step-by-step through the song, showing how to play the chords, strumming options, how to count a full play through and more.

practice exercises

Make practice simple and fun! My new series, 5 Minute Practice, is great for busy folks and for those with resistance to practicing.

(I 100% relate to both!)

Ukulele wine club

A fun and supportive club where you can meetup with fellow beginner ukulele players AND drink wine? Yes please!

Monthly meetups, PDF chord charts, a community Discord channel and more.

Get started with my
Free Strumming for Beginners Workbook
+ step-by-step video series.

What people are saying about ukulele wine time

Hi Kathryn! Just wanted to say thank you again for all the amazing work you’re doing! Your videos are really motivating me and always such a joy to learn from, even if I’m struggling ☺️ I just wanted to let you know that.

- Nathalie, ukulele wine club member

"I appreciate so much how you explain the counting and the singing key and just all the details you put into these. The quality of your lessons is seriously top notch. I love the quick play-along tutorials out there as well, they're great to learn how to play a song real quick but I always have questions about, like....the more technical side I guess you could say? You cover it perfectly, thank you so much."

- MC, YouTube subscriber 

“Wow, clearly a lot of time and energy went into this tutorial. I’m impressed at how organized this tutorial is and how you cover a range of skill levels. The download is great as well. I’ve subscribed.” 

-JDtwelve12, YouTube Subscriber

“Recently discovered your website. I love your style of teaching- detailed, slow-paced, very enlightening and encouraging for a newbie like me. Thank you very, very much!! Keep up the wonderful work."

-Alicia Q, YouTube Subscriber

About Kathryn

Kathryn is a music teacher, songwriter, performing artist, mom and occasional wine sipper. She has a Masters degree in music from the University of North Texas and has taught music to kids and adults for over 12 years. Kathryn lives in the Hudson Valley region of NY with her husband, their two small children, dog Finn, and chickens. She and her husband also run a music lesson/production studio together.

She loves playing ukulele to stay positive, reduce anxiety and connect with others around the world.

Kathryn is also a proud ambassador of Kala Brand ukuleles! You can read more here.

ukulele teacher

(Photo is from a local in-person ukulele beginner class)

Free Ukulele Resources for beginners


Strumming for beginners Workbook + video series

If strumming is your top challenge on the ukulele, you are not alone! It is the number one thing my students come to me with, and through teaching my beginner group classes and private lessons, I've put together this method of learning strumming that builds a strong foundation in rhythm, to help you be a more confident player. Here's a link to the first video.


Essential music theory for beginners workbook

Beginners can learn a few songs without knowing music theory, but once you unlock a few basic concepts, learning songs will be a WHOLE lot easier! All those letters and chords will start to make a little more sense. Don't be scared, music theory can be super fun! Watch this video + download the free workbook to follow along.


How to learn a song in 6 steps

Here are 6 essential steps to learning a song–and I mean REALLY getting to know the song inside and out. The LYRICS Method goes deeper than just playing the notes and the chords of a song. By applying these steps to the next song you learn you'll start to open your ears to hear more, you'll begin to trust yourself more to make your own musical choices, and you'll be a more confident player.


chord & lyric charts

I've made a handful of my PDF chord & lyric charts available for free. These are all in easy ukulele keys and come with chord diagrams, lyrics and chords, plus a chart with slash notation you can count and follow along with the chords.

Kathryn's Favorite Things

Kala Brand Ukuleles

It's no secret that I love playing Kala ukuleles! They are beautiful dependable instruments with a great sound. And no matter what size you're looking for, they've got a great option.

Get 10% off your next Kala order with my link: kalabrand.com/ukulele-wine-time


Kala Gloss Solid Cedar Top Acacia Tenor with Cutaway & EQ

This is my all time favorite ukulele to play - it's a tenor made from cedar and acacia with a built in tuner and EQ. My go to ukulele, as well as my professional instrument.

Check it out here!


Kala Satin Mahogany Baritone Ukulele w/ EQ 

If you are baritone curious, I highly recommend this baritone ukulele from Kala. It has a warm and deep tone, and the wood is gorgeous. This one has the built in tuner as well as EQ, but they make one without the electronics as well.

Check it out here!


Kala Waterman Soprano - Great for Kids!  

This is a perfect ukulele for kids. It has a good sound, will stay in tune and it's also waterproof! It can take a gentle to medium beating (ask my 2yr old and 4yr old kids!) and it's also great for travel, or for a trip to the beach. If you're looking for a starter instrument for a young musician, this is a great option.

Check it out here!

Openhagen Wall Mounts

If you want more music and creativity in your life, I always recommend keeping your instrument in plain sight, rather than tucked away in a case. These wooden wall mounts are so pretty, and I love they way they look in my studio and living room.

Get 10% off with my code KATH10


HangWithMe Ukulele Wall Mount

I have two of these in my studio, as well as the larger guitar sized one and they are awesome. I love how they look on the wall, the wood is super minimalist and beautiful. :)

Check it out here!

Curious Elixirs Booze Free Cocktails

But wait I thought you loved wine?? I do! But a girl can't drink wine all the time!! As I get older, I find myself searching for alternative options at the end of the day, and I recently discovered Curious Elixirs. They are seriously so yummy and I am absolutely obsessed with them.

Get $10 off your order of $50 or more with my code UKULELE


Curious Elixir No. 1

Elixir No. 1 is my all time favorite, but I also love No. 5 and No. 7. Oh wait and No. 2. They also have sample packs so you can try more than one!

Check it out here!

Sound Smith Ukuleles

If you're looking for a unique premium quality ukulele from a small business with a HUGE heart, I highly recommend checking out Sound Smith! The founder Shannon is also a musician mama with two little kids, so I totally related to her story- running a business while raising a family.

So awesome!

Get 15% with my code WINETIME15


Sound Smith Quilted Ash Tenor

The translucent beauty in the quilted ash on these is just breathtaking. So easy to play and truly lovely tone. I have loved adding this special and unique instrument to my collection, and it's one of my favorites to play!

Check it out here!