ukulele wine club

Join a positive group of like-minded ukulele beginners

for monthly motivation and support (wine is optional!)

Calling all beginners!

Want to learn from an experienced music teacher, learn songs with other ukulele beginners... and drink wine?*

If you've always wanted to learn an instrument and it never really stuck, or if you know you just need some positive accountability in your life, come join Ukulele Wine Club!

I choose to play and teach ukulele to stay positive, reduce anxiety and connect with others around the world. I'm also a HUGE believer in the benefits of creativity, and think that everyone deserves creative time in their lives!

*Wine is ALWAYS optional!

Please drink responsibly.

What People Are Saying About Ukulele Wine Club

"Just wanted to say thank you again for such a fun and warm community you have created!

Never fails motivating me to keep on improving."

-Daryna, UWC Member

“I am feeling like such a musician these days and that is a feeling I have never had.

Thank YOU for making this amazing little space on the internet for people to connect.”

-Mandy, UWC Member

“I love what you have created and I am so glad more people are joining! THANK YOU!”

-Angie, UWC Member

"Fun, enjoyable time relaxed and chill playing ukulele together. Each time we get together I always learn something new about music and playing ukulele. Thank you!"

-Don, UWC Member

"I love ukulele wine time because you are special. Very friendly and always in touch with your patrons .

I love your concept, it’s a real pleasure to learn songs with you!"

-Nathalie, UWC Member

Upcoming Workshops:

UWC Member Benefits

Here's what you get when you join Ukulele Wine Club over on Patreon! Your monthly support also enables me to keep creating all of the materials and resources for this amazing community.

  • Monthly virtual workshop - New topics for 2024!

  • Printable chord & lyric sheets + access to my ever growing PDF song Library

  • Ukulele Basics for Total Beginners workbook & video course

  • Vote on upcoming songs & tutorials

  • Get exclusive practice resources & bonus content through Patreon

  • Join an inspiring & supportive ukulele community!

Monthly virtual meetups

We have so much fun together on Zoom! We meet monthly to learn a new song together. There are members from all around the world from the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and Japan. Monthly meetups will restart this September 2023!

Growing PDF Library

Get access to my ever growing library of PDF charts for ukulele. The charts are in easy ukulele keys like C and G, and include chord diagrams, lyrics with chords, important song details, starting pitch and a bonus chart with slash notation.

Ukulele Basics
mini course

This mini-course is designed for absolute beginners just picking up the ukulele for the first time, or folks that are a bit rusty and need a refresher! Included free with UWC membership.


What is Ukulele Wine Club?

Ukulele Wine Club is a resource to support your ukulele journey. It includes a monthly virtual meetup where ukulele beginners get together to learn a song, take a mini class with Kathryn and drink wine! It's very chill, low-pressure and a lot of fun. You also gain access to my PDF chord & lyric chart library, bonus videos not available anywhere else, and best of all, a supportive community of like-minded beginner ukulele players.

How often do we meet?

We meetup once a month. Join when you can, show up as you are! We occasionally meet during the day instead of the evening so our European members can join live. New day/time TBA soon!

How long is it? 

Meetups generally last about an hour.

How much is it? 

It's $5 a month to join through Patreon. I offer it at this low price so it's more accessible to all. (For context, I charge $60 for a one-to-one 45 minute lesson. ) The $5 helps cover a bare minimum of admin hours - prepping for the class, preparing the chord/lyric charts and creating the video tutorials. :)

How do I join the Ukulele Wine Club meetups? 

We meetup on Zoom. The link and details are posted on Patreon each month. No need to RSVP each time, just show up when you can. :)

I don’t want to be on video! Do I have to? 

Nope! You can participate as much as you want to. Remember: low pressure! If you just want to have it on in the background while you’re making dinner w/ your video off, that’s totally cool. Or if you want to turn on your video and strum & sip along with the group, that’s cool too! You will be muted as well, so no one will be able to hear you play, unless you need to unmute to ask Kathryn a question or chat during our wine breaks. :)

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Will the sessions be recorded if I have to miss?

Yes, the sessions are recorded and will be posted on Patreon the next day.

Do I HAVE to show up prepared/do I need to practice beforehand?

You are welcome to review the song and chords ahead of time but you don’t have to! Show up as you are. I’ll do a quick chord review if needed, and then we workshop the song with plenty of options to meet you where you are or level up if you’re ready! I send out the PDF chord & lyric chart ahead of time but there's absolutely no pressure to practice beforehand.

We always do a full LIVE play through of the song (sometimes I play bass!) so you can get the experience of playing along with another musician.

Do I have to drink/like wine to join?

Nope! Only if you want to. :) Wine is always optional of course. Please drink responsibly.

What if I don’t have a ukulele yet?

No problem. You can still start learning the basics, and maybe you’ll get inspired to get your first instrument soon. ;)

Can I invite a friend?

Yes! The more the merrier. :)

Is learning ukulele and drinking wine the best idea ever?

YEP! It totally is.

Who are you?

My name is Kathryn and I have my Masters degree in music. I've been teaching music (piano, voice, ukulele & songwriting) to adults and kids for over 12 years. My passion lies in helping people play more music with others and unlocking your creativity!

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What if I don’t know how to play any chords yet?

I got you! Once you're a member, you'll have access to my beginner course called Ukulele Basics for Total Beginners. It includes everything you. need to get started including a workbook with beginner chords and tons of resources!

Ready to join a positive group of like-minded ukulele beginners

for monthly motivation and support?